Lynn Wright Entrepreneur Individuel is an estate agent working with GP IMMO (Groupe Pierre Immo), registered address 12 Rue Des Rosiers 39240 CERNON and based in the Charente-Maritime, South West France. With an unrivaled commitment to customer care and knowledge of the real-estate business, Lynn covers the areas of Charente-Maritime, Gironde, Dordogne and the Charente.

Lynn Wright moved to France in 2006 after dreaming about it for over 10 years. She finally made the move to live her dream with her husband and children, and they chose the Charente-Maritime region.

They had looked in many regions near Bordeaux, including the whole of Poitou-Charentes, Gironde and the Dordogne and found this location to be fantastic. They are close to Charente, Deux-Sèvres and Vienne, and to Gironde and the Dordogne. Bordeaux airport gives them easy direct access to many cities in Britain and the rest of Europe and there are ferries from Great Britain.

The temperate micro climate - over 2,400 hours of sunshine a year is about as good as it gets in Europe - with cooling onshore Atlantic breezes ameliorating the sun's warmth near the coast. Average temperatures vary from 9 in February, to 25 degrees C in August. There are beautiful vineyards, lots of local lakes with beaches - no tides, no currents - and super unspoiled friendly communities.

Lynn has always had a passion for houses and some of the local ones have loads of character and history. When they were buying themselves, Lynn and her husband realised that the local agents were not very pro-client. Quite often they would go to an agent and ask to see a particular property and be told, "that's not very nice you should see this one", which turned out to be shocking, not what they wanted at all. The agent who eventually sold them the lovely house they ended up buying had to be asked 3 times to show the property, as she "forgot" it was for sale.

It wasn't hard to decide that this could be done better, so Lynn decided to help others live their dream, listen to their needs, and introduce them to properties they might actually want to live in, in this beatiful and unspoiled area of S W France.

Lynn is standing by to help you find and buy the property you want and will help you through the stages of negotiation, conveyancing and settlement, with explanations, translations, and appointment of English-speaking Notaires. She can advise you how and where to open bank accounts and apply for a mortgage if required and get you advice on inheritance implications: the basic assumptions under French are are quite different to those under British laws.

Lynn's list is wide, and she has access to properties listed by other trustworthy estate agents, so a fully-comprehensive list of available properties can be explored. In due course she can help you settle in, find builders and electricians and the like, identify schools (the kids will adapt and adopt quicker than you will!), and generally get the connections you need to enjoy living in this charming part of France.

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